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About OSHE

We're a family business (including three generations) based outside of Atlanta (with a location in Tucson), and we're passionate about raising a free-spirited son who expresses himself however he wants. We believe that by raising boys outside of outdated gender roles, we can shift our patriarchal society into a more balanced one where everyone benefits. Our products are here to start that conversation and normalize all the so-called "girly things" boys love.

We launched with nail polish because our son (and OSHE Co-Founder) especially loves it. And we know that other boys do too. Keep your eye out for our other products debuting soon.

We also want to create a community for families who are alternative and who are parenting modern boys. Our family is an alternative one, and we don't know about you, but finding like-minded parents always makes us feel in good company. We're starting by sharing stories of other families, so check out our blog!

We're also a family passionate about saving the planet and protecting its inhabitants. It's a central focus at our house, and we hope to make a difference through our brand.

Lastly, the name of our company and inspiration comes from our daughter, Ocean, who's no longer with us in physical form.

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