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Our Favorite Top Coats

Want versatility and options? Our favorite nail polish top coats will do just that. 

Holographic Top Coat by OSHE is the top coat for boys who love sparkles. The mood is playful and fun no matter what the activity is! One swipe of this special effect top coat transforms any color to a prism of light. What’s your boy’s mood?

Matte Top Coat by OSHE is the top coat for boys who don’t want a glossy finish. The mood is artistic, creative, athletic, adventurous, and for the boy on the move! One swipe of this top coat instantly transforms any of OSHE’s nail polish into a chalky matte finish. What’s your boy’s mood?


Gluten-free , Vegan, Cruelty-free, Non-Toxic, Made in the USA

OSHE nail polish is 15ml/.5 oz bottle.

All Ingredients are from the USA and Manufactured in the USA. 

Oshe nail polish is free from the top 11 toxic ingredients found in most nail polishes: - Formaldehyde - Toluene - DBP - Dibutyl Phtalate - Camphor - Formaldehyde Resin - Xylene - Parabens - Phthalates - Ethy Tosylamide - Triphenyl Phosphate - Fragrance


OSHE nail polish is the very first nail polishes for boys. Every color has been hand-picked by the boys who are wearing it, they came up with the names, and you can see them in our brand photos.  OSHE was made with boys in mind, but it's fun to share it with siblings, friends, and parents too. 

Parents or grandparents can now confidently purchase this nail polish for the boy in their life knowing OSHE was made with them in mind! If you encounter someone who claims that nail polish is only for girls, rest assured that OSHE is here to challenge that notion. 

And, if you're an alternative parent, you'll be thrilled to see how OSHE is pushing the boundaries and redefining who boys can be in today's world. Boys’ nail polish has been almost non-existent until now. Wear OSHE. Have fun.

Our Favorite Top Coats




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