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The OSHE Cares Crew: Planet Protectors Spearheading Environmental Conservation

The OSHE Cares Crew: Planet Protectors Spearheading Environmental Conservation

OSHE Cares Crew In Atlanta

Our Oshe Cares Crew gathered in the sweltering 100-degree heat with a calling to clean up the local forest trails. The OSHE Cares Crew is a group of eco-conscious boys, their siblings, and friends from the Atlanta area committed to making a difference.

Who Are They?

But who are these little eco-minded boys exactly? The OSHE Cares Crew is an initiative by OSHE, a company that believes boys care deeply about the planet and its inhabitants. This outlet allows them to express their desires to make a difference, roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty in forest cleanups, participate in animal conservation efforts, and actively partner with other causes.

Fairy Garden Disaster 

Their mission this time? To clean up the environmentally harmful "fairy garden" confetti that litters the paths of a local park. The Crew spent hours picking up each piece, their sweat and effort a testament to their commitment to the planet.

Why Cleanup Fairy Houses?

There's still much more to do, and we plan to return soon. Our Crew wants to encourage people to build fairy houses using natural materials found in the forest rather than confetti or synthetic materials that harm our environment and the animals in the woods.

Why We Do it?

OSHE Cares Crew's mission goes beyond environment conservation. It's about inspiring boys to tap into their empathy and their urge to care for others. Through their efforts they also hope to inspire other kids to do the same.

Join Us?

OSHE Cares is not just a local initiative. We invite others to join this exciting journey towards a healthier planet. You, too, can start your own OSHE Cares Crew and contribute positively to our environment.

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