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Smashing Stereotypes OSHE's Journey Towards Raising Free-Spirited Boys

Smashing Stereotypes OSHE's Journey Towards Raising Free-Spirited Boys

Hi. Are you Like us? 

At OSHE we're turning the tables on what it means to be a boy and raise a boy. Are you bored of the same old stereotypes? Because we are! So we're on a mission to mix things up and start a movement starting with our nail polish for boys.


Lets Burst Those Bubblegum Stereotypes!

You've heard them, ,"Boys don't cry." "Pink is for girls." "Boys don't play with dolls." If you're raising a boy anything like our little co-founder, then you know this isn't true. It isn't true for most boys. Some boys don't get the opportunity to play with what they want - either their parents are too afraid of what people will think of them (the fear of your child getting bullied is real), or they live by outdated gender rules.

We think it's time to give these old-school ideas a serious makeover and let our boys be boys - modern ones! Boys who feel supported to lIke what they like.

Meet The People Behind OSHE

My super cool son (who happens to be our mini co-founder) and I are shaking things up a bit. Boys can rock so-called "girly" stuff; we're here to prove it! Our OSHE nail polish for boys is just the beginning. Here’s a video I did the other day on this exact topic:


Boy holding rock with OSHE nail polish
A Badge of Individuality

Our nail polish isn't just about adding a pop of color. Each color is hand-picked by my son, and he wears them proudly in all our brand shots. It's a badge of honor, a declaration of individuality, and a call to those who believe in being authentic and moms who believe in bringing balance to our society (i.e., smashing the patriarchy)

Cotton Candy OSHE Nail Polish For Boys

Can Nail Polish Do That?


No it cant. Nail polish can't smash the patriarchy, but it can give boys a free-spirited feeling of fun and authenticity. It can open up paths to other forms of expression where they're free to be who they want, however, that looks. And it can help parents to feel less alone in this crazy journey of parenthood.

Join the OSHE Squad!


Hey, modern mamas and boys! We're rallying the troops! Let's raise boys who are fearless in their authenticity. Whether rocking a ‘OSHE’ manicure or pursuing a passion that's not "traditionally boyish," we've got your back!

Grab your favorite OSHE nail polish, start some meaningful chats, and redefine what it means when we say “boys will be boys”.


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