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Did You See That Dad on TikTok?

Did You See That Dad on TikTok?

Unleashing Creativity Beyond Gender Norms

Welcome to the colorful world of OSHE, where we celebrate individuality and self-expression and believe there's no such thing as 'boys' stuff' and 'girls stuff.' It's a place where everyone, especially our boys, can express themselves freely and fearlessly.

Your not going to believe what this dad did on Tik Tok

Do you remember when the internet buzzed with the story of a Missouri dad, Doug Weaver, who shared his son's experience on TikTok about painting his fingernails? The story ended on Good Morning America's website. 

Here’s what happened: when his son went to school with his freshly painted nails, he talked about how some classmates said, 'Painting your nails is for girls.' But hear this: the little boy stood his ground, asserting that nothing is just for boys or girls. 

We love that. That's so OSHE!

In our world at OSHE, these little acts of courage are what we champion. As a family business based outside of Atlanta, we're passionate about raising a free-spirited son who expresses himself however he wants. We believe that by encouraging boys to step outside outdated gender norms, we can help create a balanced society where everyone thrives.

Why We Launched OSHE

We launched OSHE with nail polish because our little co-founder has a penchant for it. And guess what? We discovered many other boys do, too, like Doug's kid in the above story. We believe creating a nail polish brand for boys where they can see themselves in the marketing will eliminate these kinds of stories from even being news! Fingers crossed.

Our family is an alternative one if you haven't guessed that yet. We understand the challenges and joys that come with parenting modern boys. That's why we're committed to building a community for families and choosing the road less traveled in parenting. That's what this blog is. We hope that sharing stories of other families on our blog will make you feel less alone in your parenting journey.

OSHE Is A Movement

To sum it up, we're a lifestyle—a movement—that champions self-expression, creativity, and freedom. We're here to start conversations, to normalize all the so-called "girly things" boys love, and to create a safe space for all boys to be themselves.

So, how about we make painting nails a fun family activity over the weekend? Or perhaps, let's celebrate the next birthday with a nail polish party? Remember, each vibrant color of OSHE nail polish is a statement that says, 'It's okay to be me.' Let's celebrate self-expression every day and do it the OSHE way.

Feel like you're in good company? Join us on this exciting journey. Visit our blog, share your stories, and create a world where everyone can express themselves. Because at OSHE, we believe in raising boys who are free to be who they want to be.


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