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Our Origin Story

Our Origin Story

Family Launched Nail Polish Line for Boys: Breaking Gender Stereotypes and Encouraging Self-Expression

The Inspiration Behind Our Family's Journey

My family and I initially felt like fish out of water when we moved from New York City to the South outside of Atlanta. It's a different culture and pace of life here, and being two artists used to expressing ourselves loudly, it felt strange. But this environmental shift catalyzed an idea to redefine our lives and challenge societal norms (that we'd learn was not just a Southern thing).

When our son entered the scene, we were determined not to limit him to the stereotypical "boy things." As it turns out, he does love the "boy things" as much as the things usually reserved for "girls," like unicorns, rainbows, and anything sparkly. And we're happy because we want him to be free to like what he likes, irrespective of societal norms.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Beauty Products

While shopping for children's clothes, we learned early on about the restricted options for boys. If you're a parent, you know what I'm talking about. The colors were dull, and choices were severely limited compared to the vibrant, expressive options for girls. And our son loves jewelry, makeup, and nail polish. But a visit to any store made it clear - these were not deemed "appropriate" for boys.

Seeing our son become self-conscious about wearing nail polish due to comments from his peers was disheartening. But we soon realized this wasn't just a regional issue. Friends up North faced similar challenges, indicating that it was a pervasive problem nationwide.


Unique Nail Polish for Boys: A Vehicle for Self-Expression

This realization led us to launch OSHE, our lifestyle brand for boys and nail polish line. Our goal? To create a world where boys could wear "girl things" like nail polish as a form of self-expression without fearing being judged or ridiculed. Because there is no such thing as "girls things". If boys can express themselves freely, we believe they will grow into kind, gentle, authentic humans who can shift the societal balance to benefit everyone.


Family's Journey to Launch Nail Polish for Boys

Our family's journey to create this product line came with countless hours of researching, developing, and testing. We wanted to ensure that we were presenting a unique, safe, and high-quality product.


Wide Range of Nail Polish Colors for Boys

OSHE offers a wide range of nail polish colors for boys. Our son selected the colors and picked the names. His inspiration came from family vacations and day-to-day life. From vibrant blues to sparkly silvers, we have colors that cater to every one of his moods and aspects of personality that your boys will identify with, I'm sure. We believe every color tells a story, and we want all boys to be free to tell theirs.


Safe Nail Polish for Boys

Safety is our top priority. Our nail polish is made from high-quality ingredients, free from the top 11 toxins typically found in polishes. We've strived to present a product parents can trust, and boys can enjoy.


Positive Reviews of Nail Polish for Boys

The response to OSHE has been incredible. Reviews from early users have been overwhelmingly positive, with parents expressing gratitude for a product that allows their sons to express themselves freely and creatively.


Buy Nail Polish for Boys Online

Our products are available online, providing a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. We're excited to bring more color and self-expression to boys everywhere. Our son is already picking out his next color line inspired by his friends and their daily adventures.

Our family launched this nail polish line for boys to challenge outdated gender roles and create a world where boys can freely express themselves. We invite you to join us on this journey and help us bring about a change in society, one nail polish color at a time.


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