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Breaking Boundaries with OSHE: Raising Free-Spirited Boys

Breaking Boundaries with OSHE: Raising Free-Spirited Boys

Life of an OSHE Boy: Celebrating the Spirit of Unconventional Boys

Here at OSHE, we cheer on raising boys who are unapologetically themselves and don't adhere to outdated gender norms. We aim to help our boys uncover their unique personalities, self-expression, and compassion for others, shifting the societal scales that burden us all. 

The OSHE Mantra: For Modern Boys Only

Did you know that pink was once considered a boy's color and blue was for girls? This switch happened around the 1940s, driven more by marketing strategies than anything else. We bet you already knew that, being a part of the OSHE family…

OSHE's stance is pretty straightforward: colors don't have genders. We aim to empower boys to express themselves boldly through a dash of nail polish or their favorite outfit.

OSHE's mantra is grounded in the belief that gender norms, particularly attire, and colors, are societal fabrications we can dare to question. We advocate for nurturing a space where boys can comfortably explore their individuality and express themselves in any way they wish—be it the color of their nail polish, their choice of clothes, or their hobbies.

OSHE Goes Beyond Looks

Our mantra extends beyond colors and attire; it's about empathy, respect, and authenticity. OSHE boys understand the value of standing up for others, expressing their emotions, and never hesitating to let others (especially girls) outshine them.

At OSHE, we champion a world where boys expressing themselves is commonplace. We celebrate boys who embrace elements traditionally linked with femininity as a true reflection of their identity. Because when boys are balanced, they feel better. 

Our mantra aims to shatter stereotypes because, at OSHE, we know a lot of boys who fit these descriptions, including our Co-Founder.

Ultimately, we believe that a boy who can be himself will mature into a man who respects others for being themselves too.


Ideas on How To Channel That OSHE Boy Energy

We've noticed that many free-spirited OSHE boys in our community have commonalities. Here's what we see:

  • They express themselves through their dress-up choices, with vibrant nail polish or quirky accessories.
  • They're kind and accepting toward everyone
  • They profoundly respect Mother Earth
  • They unapologetically pursue their passions, whether sports, arts, or gaming.

OSHE's Nail Polish For Boys: A Canvas for Self-Expression

OSHE's nail polish isn't just a product—it's a badge of individuality and a medium for self-expression. By inspiring boys to play with nail polish, we're helping them venture beyond the 'norms' and live authentically. We're also opening up the conversation of what it means to parent a modern boy today. 

The OSHE Club

Become a part of the OSHE tribe of parents raising unconventional boys. Together, we can dismantle gender norms and nurture a generation of boys who express themselves however they wish.

Parenting modern boys isn't merely a mantra—it's a revolution. By challenging gender norms and promoting free expression, we can create a culture that will benefit everyone. So, let's embark on this journey today—raise our boys the OSHE way.


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