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“Boys Are The Boss of Girls”

“Boys Are The Boss of Girls”

Boys Are The Boss of Girls. So He Said.

Buckle up, this is a wild story. You'll never believe this.

We Were At The Playground 

Enjoying a sunny afternoon at the playground, my son (co-founder of OSHE) and his friend, the epitome of modern boys with their long hair, bright attire, and eye-catching jewelry, ran to the playground to burn some energy.

Amidst their fun, a new younger boy who was, I would describe, "traditional" joined in. Our sons could tell he was not like them, but with some urging from us moms, they embraced inclusivity which is what we teach.

He Called Them Girls

However, something weird happened. The new little boy repeatedly insisted our boys were girls, refusing to accept them as boys despite persistent clarification.

At OSHE, we firmly believe in respecting each individual's preferred pronouns. We don't question who somebody says there are. Period.

He Said He Was The Boss

The situation escalated when the boy said boys are the 'boss of girls .' We do question that though. Our OSHE boys were dumbfounded.

I looked at the adult he was with (presumably his mom), and she wasn't paying attention. I assume he was also spouting off things she believed to be accurate.

My simple response to this was, "Every family is different." I had to scream my answer from across the park, so this was the easiest way to handle it at the time. Though it’s a true and nice way to accept our differences this isn’t really a difference I’m here to accept. 

A Reminder Why We Launched OSHE

Though the boys eventually parted ways, this incident served as an inspiring reminder of why we founded OSHE – to build a community for families who embrace forward-thinking values and encourage their children to express themselves authentically.

OSHE nail polish isn't merely a nail polish; it's a statement – a vibrant declaration of individuality and a dismissal of outdated gender norms.

So, let your modern boys showcase their personalities and beliefs with our nail polish and say something about who you are as a parent, too, because we modern families need community.

OSHE is more than just a brand; it's a movement, a crusade against antiquated ideas of who boys should be.

Buy It, Post It, Tag Us

Buy your son a bottle of OSHE nail polish, and let him join this revolution. Don't forget to capture the moment and share it with us on our social media @loveoshe. We can't wait to see your OSHE boys shining in their true colors!


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